Build A Predictable Marketing Engine

Enterprise behavioral marketing services that match the right customer to the right solution.

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Meet Marketing’s New Brain

You’ve got enough to worry about without agonizing over whether you're getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Fortunately, understanding how consumer decisions are made can help you improve overall marketing accuracy and reduce spend. To help you build an accurate, predictable marketing engine, Limetree uses a combination of behavioral science, raw data, machine learning and proven methods to take your marketing to the next level.

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Behavioral Science

Many elements go into making a decision like life experiences, environmental factors, and emotional triggers.

That’s why Limetree uses behavioral science to understand the psychological and contextual factors affecting consumer behavior, so you get a crystal-clear view and can build behavioral marketing solutions of to best engage with them.


Data Science

Data is an incredibly reliable and underutilized marketing resource, and fortunately, most businesses generate gigabytes of data every day.

Using data science best practices and top-notch technology, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, Limetree’s experts identify observable behaviors in data that signal opportunities for marketers to impact behavior with their current and prospective customers.


Marketing Activation

The combination of rich data and behavioral science can be a beautiful thing, and using that fusion to understand what’s truly driving your customer’s decisions can help you improve performance and enrich their experiences with your behavioral marketing services.

Our expert scientists use deep data and behavioral targeting insights to activate your company’s marketing efforts through tailored behavioral marketing solutions specific to your unique needs and the needs of your customers. Limetree helps you deliver the best method for engagement across the entire customer journey, through a customized marketing architecture: campaigns, applications, scripts, product marketing or process optimization.

 Ready to Have Predictable Marketing Outcomes?

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