Empowering Smart Marketing Decisions

Delivering customer insights and executable design strategy to improve your marketing efforts.


Make Strong Marketing Decisions


Limetree is a behavioral marketing company dedicated to making marketing smarter and more effective through data driven solutions enriched by behavioral science.

Rooted in science, behavioral marketing allows companies to optimize their marketing efforts by targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Through a unique combination of proven processes, qualified professionals, and proprietary technology we’ll help you reduce spend, maximize performance, and get time back to focus on other aspects of your business.


The Next Step in Marketing Evolution

Limetree began with a very simple, holistic purpose:

To help companies understand customer behavior and apply that knowledge to measurably improve marketing performance and customer experiences.

Through an unquenchable desire to learn and challenge the status quo, we apply this mission every single day by uncovering the “why” behind customer behavior and validating the best application of ‘how’ to improve processes and make a difference.


Meet the Team

We’ve sat in your chair, running large-scale marketing initiatives, and built a team with that in mind to deliver solutions that equip you to compete and win with your customers.


Tom Rouse
Founder & President


Mike Meadows
Chief Strategy Officer


Steven Archer
Chief Operations Officer


Galen Swint, PhD
Managing Director, Data & Technology


Scott Rogaliner
Director of Compliance & Govt. Programs


Natalie Sola
Project Manager



Limetree is a behavioral marketing company committed to delivering marketing solutions that are beneficial to our clients and their customers. Our use of behavioral and data science is to reduce the waste caused by mistargeted advertising and to design strategies and behavioral marketing communications that improve interactions between marketers and consumers. We work with leading academic institutions and strategic partners to ensure the methods, techniques and recommendations we provide have been tested, validated and are of the highest possible quality.

Strategic Partners and Certifications


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