Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Market-leading Data Science as a Service designed to help you harness the power of customer choice and outperform your competition.


Find the Root of Customer Choices

Data is a cornerstone of modern marketing; it is the building block for everything we know. However, understanding the different types and stages of data and how they capture customer decision-making and engagement potential can be a daunting task.

Even if your data is well-managed, there’s still a need to consider how to segment customers because different marketing goals evoke different data needs. What works for a product segmentation may not be right for increasing spend with customers that split purchases across providers in your category. Similarly, there are likely unique behaviors to consider based on how your customers respond to incentives, even within a group of people who look demographically similar to each other. These situations are just a few examples where tapping into customer behavior helps you improve your ability to target and impact key points in the customer decision making process.

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Reveal the Humanity in Your Data

To help your business understand the data at your fingertips, Limetree brings together your internal data with third party and public data to create a detailed roadmap to your customers' behavior.

We mine and analyze a wide range of foundational customer insights to determine where, how, and why your customers behave differently from their neighbors and how that impacts your company’s marketing efforts.











Marital Status



Digging deep into who your customer is and what makes them tick on an individual level gives you a better understanding of how to engage with them through your marketing or products, which effectively improves marketing efficacy, reduces ad spend, and improves conversions across the board.


How Data Science Works

At Limetree, we use data science to help our clients align business goals with customer needs. Once we have a clear definition of your goals, we center our data exploration around filling in the observable signals that identify the who and when of messaging that accurately describes your audience in alignment with those goals. To build this goal-driven data foundation, we use a unique three-pronged approach that outlines your ideal audience and directly informs messaging context.

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Data Acquisition


The first fundamental step in getting the most mileage out of your data is to acquire and assess both the quality and relevance of the data.

Limetree’s proprietary system, Observable™, extracts relevant insights from your internal customer data and third-party real-world market intelligence that marketers can influence to further your long-term marketing goals.

Depending on your needs, we will use a combination of data acquisition solutions to get your hands on the right data:

  • Data Sourcing

  • Data Scoring

  • Customer Data Append

  • Demographics & Psychographics

Even if your particular industry or audience has special considerations or tends to be a little elusive, we can work with some less direct, but still effective methods to extract the behavioral signals that we need from available data.



Data Development


Once you have the ideal data for your goals... what do you do with it?

We use a unique test-and-learn framework of advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to develop high-performing campaign targeting and on-going improvements based entirely on your goals and your customers’ needs.

  • Prospect & Identification

  • Customer Modeling

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Clustering

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Segmentation

  • Proximity Analysis



Data Reporting & Optimization


After your best case marketing scenario is put into play, we work directly with you to monitor performance and optimize your marketing through data science. Through this partnership, Limetree provides the following:

  • Reporting & Learning

  • Campaign Measurement

  • Attribution & Attribution Analysis

  • Channel Analysis

Limetree’s expert team also works closely with, and trains, key stakeholders to ensure that your KPI’s continue to be informative and relevant to your long-term goals and ongoing marketing efforts.


Ready to Harness the Power of Data?

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