A Consumer-Centric Marketing Approach

Learn how Limetree helps you deliver outstanding brand marketing by fully understanding your ideal audience.

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How We Build Future-Proof Marketing 

Delivering an outstanding brand marketing experience isn’t easy. It requires a fully-integrated approach that combines data, customer behavioral insights, and expertise.

That’s why we put the customer at the center of our approach and deliver end-to-end solutions that account for the psychological factors that impact decision making, not just data.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us to understand what your customer wants and needs:

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Step 1:
Discovery Meeting


Understanding your current process and goals is the first step to developing a strong behavioral marketing approach for your brand or product.

That’s why we start each new engagement with a deep dive into your company goals, current brand perception or standing, and customer base. This ensures that we get to know your brand and customers at their core, giving our experts a clear view of your unique needs.

Step 2:
Primary and Market Research


To understand how people go through the decision making process and how they will behave, we take a deep dive into their behavior in the past with your brand to create behavioral insights.

We spend time pulling and analyzing data from your business, current market trends, and your competitors to determine what elements impact your customer’s decision making process and how to optimize your marketing approach for the best results.

To do this, we take a look at:

Current Processes | Recent Campaigns | Marketing Creative | User Demographics

Competitors | Locality & Cultural Impact | Past Results

Step 3:
Scientific Analysis


Next, we use qualitative and quantitative research methods, enhanced with projective techniques, to obtain and analyze key factors that influence your customers’ decision making. Using that information, we create a framework that informs how to use the behavioral research to enhance your marketing approach.

To provide a realistic view of your customer's decision making process, the behavioral framework is enriched using machine learning and AI-enabled technology to match data and behavior to marketing elements, like visuals, content, and platform or media preference.

Step 4:
The Behavioral Insights Guide


Using what we learned in steps one through three, we develop a behavioral insights guide that is heavily informed by data and science.

Based on your current situation and our findings, this guide can inform you how to tap into the feelings and emotions of your customers, how to identify the best opportunities to engage them and/or how to adjust current marketing activation using choice architecture design techniques to impact your customers’ decision making process. Either way, you can expect to receive a guide that informs how to apply behavioral insights to solve the identified marketing challenge.

Step 5:
Implement & Optimize


Lastly, we work with you to ensure you realize the benefits of our behavioral marketing solution.

Whether you need a fully supported turn-key marketing structure or some hard-hitting behavioral marketing guides to equip your team, we verify that you are prepared to get successful results.


Ready to Step Up Your Marketing?

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