Achieve Higher Marketing Intelligence

Use advanced behavioral science to understand, predict, and impact customer behavior.

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Struggling to Connect with Your Customers?

As a business, effectively connecting with your customers on the right level can often be a mystery.

In fact, on average a person makes over 35,000 decisions per day and each of these decisions are influenced by many, many things. We’re also exposed to nearly 10,000 different brands each day!

So, how can you hope to stand out from the crowd?

Understanding what influences your customers' decision-making is the answer, and in-depth behavioral science solutions from Limetree can help you get on the right page.

How Behavioral Science Works


Simply put, behavioral science uses scientific methods to understand the drivers of consumer behavior and apply empirical findings and theories to impact consumer decisions and behavior. At Limetree, we incorporate behavioral science principles through the lens of a specific business challenge.


Go Beyond the Data


Our expert team uses a combination of proven research and behavioral science methods to dig deeper than contemporary market research, delivering insights that uncover the psychological and contextual factors behind decisions.

These are typically called System 1 behaviors, and they are categorized as quick, automatic, and prone to individual bias. They help explain why someone might behave differently than what they might indicate in a traditional survey or research study. These behaviors are also the most accurate way to understand how to predict and impact consumer behavior.

To ensure that behavioral science results are both high-quality and accurate, we partner with leading academic institutions and the foremost minds in behavioral science.



More Impactful Marketing Insights


To uncover behavioral insights, our expert team will conduct a thorough investigation of your ideal customer through:

  • Review Customer Supplied Research

  • Review Relevant Behavioral Science Research

  • Review of market communications to ID opportunities for differentiation

  • Conduct Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • Behavioral Audit of Competitor and Client Communications

These elements, combined with a patent-pending process to score creative across multiple behavioral science dimensions, provides rich behavioral insights that define what’s working, what’s not, and how to more effectively drive consumer behavior.



Your Behavioral Insights Guide


Limetree’s behavioral science team connects findings to your unique business-use case through a behavioral insights guide. This guide is a collaboration between experts in behavioral science, marketing, and creative that brings the research into easy to understand frameworks and examples to help with educating stakeholders, employees, and strategic partners.

The Behavioral Insights Guide typically includes:

  • Recommended behavioral design strategies

  • Applied strategies and frameworks for implementing behavioral insights

  • Channel specific creative using optimal choice architecture

Whether you’re looking to uncover new ways to frame offers or address various stages of the customer journey, the behavioral insights guide provides foundational insights on how your customers actually think and behave and how to design targeted marketing to drive your consumers to act.



Ready to Harness the Power of Behavior?

If you’re ready to understand how to break through the noise and begin putting science behind your marketing efforts, complete the form below for a tailored discovery session:

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