Full-Spectrum Marketing At Your Fingertips

Multi-touchpoint marketing activation improves reach and engagement with your customers.


Marketing With Your Customers in Mind

Once you intimately understand your customers’ behavior, the next step is to put that knowledge into play. Advanced marketing activation and support can help your brand reach and engage with your ideal customers on their own turf.

Marketing activation is when the behavioral research, data science analysis, and creative juices come together to activate your customers' interest in your product or service.

Using machine learning models tuned to your needs, Limetree supercharges your marketing efforts and ensures they get better and more effective over time, rather than getting stale.

How Marketing Activation Works

People are complicated, but inspiring them to act doesn’t have to be. That's why we've developed a proven approach to help marketers go from implementation to activation, achieving results faster and at scale.

Identifying attractive audiences and how to impact their behavior is the starting point. Next, Limetree leverages machine learning, proprietary AI, and creative expertise to equip you to act on your best opportunities to impact customer behavior and maintain continuity across all of your marketing channels.


Branding & Strategy

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran to your industry, the first and most critical step to effective marketing activation is to build the right foundation. This can be done with the following:

  • Marketing Plans

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Identity

  • Branded Collateral

  • Visual Storytelling (Stills & Motion)

Product Development

The right product can make a brand, but effectively positioning that product is the first step to earning your customers' interest and eventually, their loyalty. This can be done with the following:

  • Product Naming

  • Packaging Design

  • Retail Display

  • Product Launch

Marketing Campaigns

You’ve got a great brand and great products (or services), the next step is to get them in front of the people who need them most. We work with you to develop and launch tailored marketing campaigns across a variety of media:

  • Campaign Narrative/Theme Development

  • Website/App UX/UI

  • Sales Collateral & Scripting

  • Digital Marketing (SEM, Display, Retargeting)

  • Social and Influencer Driven Activities

  • Direct Mail

  • Loyalty Programs

Then, when your campaign is complete, the results are reexamined to determine what worked and what needs to be adjusted for future use.

Emerging & Environmental Media

To be successful, you’ve got to go where your customers are spending their time. We’ll help you implement the right emerging and/or environmental media to catch their eye. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Social Media Content

  • Community Management

  • Event Marketing

  • Trade Show Creative

  • Wayfinding

  • Environmental Branding

  • OOH/Transit Ads

Stop Struggling to Understand Your Customer.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing; unite your customer data with behavioral science to create a personalized and targeted go-to-market approach for each and every product or service.

Working with Limetree gives you access to expertise across a wide range of channels so you can optimize the customer experience across each and every interaction with those customers.

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