Better Marketing.
Less Guesswork.

End-to-end behavioral marketing solutions to maximize your reach, performance and budget.


Stop Marketing on Assumptions.
Start Using Science to Understand Your Audience.

You have seven seconds to impress your customer with each new interaction. That’s it!

So how do you make sure that all of your marketing efforts hit home?

Understanding how to ID your best opportunities to impact customer behavior and how they make decisions will help you maximize marketing performance without expanding your budget, so you can focus on serving your customers AND your bottom line.

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How It Works

Improving marketing outcomes with a proven approach that unites data and behavioral science to design strategies and communications that impact customer behavior.


Behavioral Science

Uncover the psychological and contextual factors affecting the decisions of your ideal prospects and customers and how to target and impact behavior change.


Data Science

Use customer behavior targeting to improve and unlock your best opportunities to maximize ROI with your ideal prospects and customers.


Marketing Activation

Improve marketing performance with our proven behavioral intelligence approach across your organization, whether for a specific campaign, channel, or other customer facing initiatives.


Client Testimonials

Actionable Customer Insights for Growing Business

At Limetree, we work hand-in-hand with ambitious medium to large enterprises who want to...


Improve Marketing Performance


Maximize Marketing Budgets


Gain Audience Clarity


Increase Engagement Rates


Boost Ad Response Rate


Improve Time to Market


Hyper-Target Customers


Improve Conversion Rates


Your Industry: Our Specialty


Health Insurance

Our unique process has helped clients in the health insurance space waste less resources on unqualified leads and drive higher ROI with more effective program strategies and messaging tactics.


Consumers in different hospitality segments have very different practical and psychological marketing needs. We help our clients with behavioral marketing insights and design strategies to improve offer performance.

Retail & Consumer

Retail & consumer brands tend to have a very hard time making sense of the massive amounts of data they’ve collected. Our process quickly identifies high-ROI audiences and targets their behaviors with laser precision.


Using data and behavioral economics for the good of humanity is something we are incredibly passionate about. Our non-profit clients get to reap the benefit of technology and marketing intelligence deployed for Fortune-100 clients.


Ready to Impact Customer Behavior and Improve ROI?

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